Chord Janis Joplin - One Good Man
Difficulty: Beginner | Version: 1
Capo : No Capo
E                       Em-E
Honey, I love to go to par-ties
                      Em   E
and I like to have a good time
                    Em         E
but if it gets too pale after a while
honey i start looking to find
one good man
don't you know... I've been searching... yes I have
one good man
        A                                        E
ain't much, no honey, it ain't much... it's only everything. 
I don't want much out of life
                  Em             E
I never wanted a mansion in the south
i just wanna find someone sin-cere who'll
Em         E
treat me like he talks
A                                      E
one good man... oh honey don't you know i've been looking
         B              A                                 E
one good man... ain't much, honey it ain't much... it's only every thing
E                                   Em
some girls they wanna collect their men, 
E                    Em           E
they wear them like notches on a gun
                        Em              E
but honey, i know better than that, i know a woman only needs one
one good man
                           A                   E
it ain't much, no honey it ain't much, it's only every little thing....everything

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